About us

M.H.M.COMPANY has a unique global production and distribution in the following countries Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Egypt, Poland.


    We hereby inform all potential investors who are interested in investing and buying shares of our company in the amount of 51% that purchase is possible.

    The company deals with the production of various wood assortments.

More about our products

MHM COMPANY Sawmill is highly dedicated to the quality of its products and services. We acquire only selected types of wood, that is subject to very strict entering control.

Quality is then monitored and controlled throughout the process of production, and in the end, the final product is once again thoroughly checked.

Understanding the great value of wood as a raw material, we have reduced the percentage of waste to minimum level through careful planning, while all wood protection products and other products used in the process have to meet strict quality and ecologic standards.